FF1500 Cooking Oil Recycling Unit

Mobile cooking oil recycling unit.FMC2 filter, 10 L/min pump. Filters oil while still in the vat.


  • Built to filter cooking oil.
  • Filtering oil while still in the vat.
  • 150um (0.006″) pre mesh strainer
  • FMC2 filter.
  • 10 L/min (2.64 USgal/min) pump.
  • Heater mounted around the housing to heat the oil in the canister before use.
  • Heater Thermostatically control and will shut off once the oil reaches 60°C (140°F).
  • Sucks oil from the drain and returns to vat.
  • Probe folds away after use.
  • All encased in stainless steel frame mounted on solid rubber wheels.
  • 240 or 110 voltage units available.

FF1500 Information Brochure

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