FF2000 Cooking Oil Recycling Unit

Mobile cooking oil recycling unit. 50 litre capacity tank. FMC1 filter. 10 L/min pump.


  • Built to filter cooking oil as a mobile unit.
  • 42 litre (11 USgal) capacity tank.
  • Filtering oil while cleaning vat.
  • Mesh strainer and FMC1 Filter.
  • 10 L/min (2.64 USgal/min) Pump.
  • Heater on the element housing.
  • 110 or 240 volt Powered.
  • Sensor to protect the operator from removing the return lance while machine is running.
  • Stainless probes to extract and return oil to the vat.
  • Replaceable filter element.
  • Emergency Stop is built in.
  • Made from 316 stainless steel and all components made to food specifications.
  • Heavy duty frame and solid rubber wheels which make moving easy

Filtered oil in left hand vat showing vastly improved purity

Cooking oil progressively filtered over a number of cycles

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