• About Filter Technology

Our Vision is to be a leader in design, quality, service and cost effectiveness in the filtration industry

Our Values

FTA was founded in 1997 by a local family for the purpose of providing the highest possible quality products and services within the filtration industry, later sold to brothers and our WA distributors in 2009.

Our Mission

To develop and manufacture, safely and in harmony with the environment, high quality and innovative filtration products which meet customer needs and expectations.

With 20 years of service behind us, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and going that extra step that a lot of big companies won’t offer.

We are committed to

  • The highest possible levels of product and service quality and continuous improvement process,
  • The highest possible standards of employee health, safety and welfare
  • The highest possible standards of environmental protection
  • The most effective working relationships with our employees, our customer and our community
  • Filter Technology Australia (FTA) is an Australian owned and operated company with its head office and manufacturing facility in the beautiful Hunter Valley NSW Australia.

We have the experience

The owners of FTA are experienced operators of a range of industrial businesses involving coal mining, transport, quarrying, minerals refining, property, and construction engineering.

All of these businesses depend on the operation of industrial plant and equipment so they understand why it’s so important to reduce operational costs.

The core business of FTA is the design and manufacture of ‘ultra-fine’ filtration systems for applications in industrial processes and equipment operation.

Installation, service and ongoing support for FTA products is provided by FTA and our network of distributors.