• Filtration

Filter Technology can tailor a system to suit your needs

From the smallest systems to the largest plant and equipment.

Filter Technology filtration systems deliver low cost, compact and easy to maintain systems suitable for use in hydraulics, fuels, final drives, gearbox and engine oils.

In this world of high component costs and expensive downtime, maintaining cleanliness of fuels and oils is the key to improved machine efficiency and lowering maintenance costs.

Filter Technology Key Features

Filters can be fitted to vehicles, installed as fixed installations or supplied as mobile units. Filters can be single or multiple units, or configured as a multi-filter system for rapid bulk filtering.

Products include:

  • Engine fuel filters
  • Engine oil filters
  • Industrial fuel & oil filters
  • Bulk filtration systems
  • Fixed filtration systems
  • Mobile filtration systems
  • Breathers
  • Cooking oil filters

Filter Technology products have been rigorously tested in many industries, on many different types of vehicles and equipment.

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