Return Line Pressure Gauge FM0063

Designed specifically for testing Return Line Pressure when installing Filter Technology Australia fixed filtration systems.

It is critically important to ensure Return Line pressure does not exceed installation specifications. Failure to do so may result in reduced or no oil flow and therefore greatly reduced filtration efficiency.


The gauge reads in both psi and bar graduations up to a maximum working pressure of 10 Bar (145 psi).

1. Select suitable length test hose.
2. Attach to pressure gauge.
3. Connect assembly to inline test port on filter system (where equipped ).
4. Observe indicated pressure.

DescriptionPart No
Pressure Gauge0 – 10 barFM0063
Hose0.5 mFMH9250
Hose1.0 mFMH9251
Hose2.0 mFMH9252
Hose4.0 mFMH9253
Hose6.0 mFMH9254
Hose8.0 mFMH9255
Hose10.0 mFMH9256

FM0063 Brochure

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