FM40443 Fixed Bowser Filtration Unit

Designed to Suit Bulk Fuel Transfer on Fuel Pumps or Bowsers



The FM40443 is designed to go on the outlet of the dispensing pump. It is a matter of removing the dispensing hose from the pump, running a short hose to the inlet of the FM40443 and reattaching the dispensing hose to the outlet of the FM40443.


  • Self-Contained Unit
  • 1” BSPT for Inlet and Outlets


  • 4 x FM3104 Fuel Filters


  • The Light Duty Powder Coated Frame has four mounting holes that enable the unit to be secured easily.


  • 40-100 litres/min
  • 5-26.4 gals/min

Note: The pump efficiency may drop off by 10-15% if the pump is not a positive displacement pump, in some pumps the relief valve can be adjusted to compensate some of this flow loss.


Additional information

Weight53 kg
Dimensions66 × 30 × 106 cm
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