FM40445 Fixed Hydraulic Filtration Unit

Hydraulic Bypass Unit

Designed to suit large hydraulic systems on face shovels and excavators



  • Fitted with a pressure compensating flow regulator on the inlet to the filters
  • Filter system operating pressure 45-50PSI.
  • 5 bar check valve to protect the filters from pressure spikes.
  • Pressure gauge to indicate filter housing pressure.
  • Suitable for systems up to 6500 litres/1717 Gallons
  • Live sample point
  • Ball valve that enables you to isolate the unit.
  • Non-return valve on outlet


  • 4 x FM3204 industrial filter housings.


  • Heavy duty powder coated frame


  • 16-18 litres/min
  • 2-4.7 gals/min


For on-board filtration of large hydraulic systems on face shovels and excavators

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 84 × 30 × 105 cm
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