FM3004 Engine Oil Filtration Unit

or use on gearboxes and lubrication systems (100 – 200 litres capacity). They are often used in multiple configuration for larger systems such as injection moulding machines, crusher lubrication tanks, recycling buggies and large marine engines


FM3004 Engine Oil Filters are suitable for use on:

  • lubrication systems 100-200 litres (22-44 gals)
  • hydraulic systems 400-800 litres (88-176 gals)
  • used in multiples on larger hydraulic machines
  • crusher lubrication tanks
  • recycling buggies
  • larger marine engines

Filter Technology engine oil filters are a by-pass unit. There are three basic considerations when installing Filter Technology engine oil filters:

  • Mounting location.
  • Oil pressure source.
  • Oil return points.

FM3004 filters include 4 elements and:

  • 3 x 3/4″ UNO female threads for inlet and outlet and pressure gauge or drain.
  • 4 x 1.5 mm (1/16″) holes in the 10 mm (3/8″) return tube which controls flow in engines, or 4 x 6 mm (1/4″) holes which controls flow in hydraulics.

FM3004 Flow Rates

Line in pressureLine out flow

 FM3004 specifications

FM3304 Quick Change Filter Assembly

Comprises FM3004 filter assembly including lid but minus housing. Enables quick and easy filter changes in the field, allowing assembly to be returned to the workshop for servicing.

 Quick Change procedure

Height875 mm35″
Diameter127 mm5.0″
Weight8.5 kg19 lb
Maximum Pressure5.52 bar80 psi
Rec. Operating Pressure1.38-4.14 bar20-60 psi

 FM3004 Filter Parts List

 FM3304 Quick Change Assembly Parts List

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