FM71012 Mechanical Drive Filtration Unit

Designed specifically for use on mechanical drive trucks, the FM71012 is equipped with three hose reels for connection to the compartments via quick-connect couplings. This Unit is 32 LPM pressure driven variable drive. This is a kidney loop only unit and does not empty diff housing.



The FM71012 filtration system designed to filter the existing oil in mechanical drive rear ends using the “Kidney Loop Filtration” process.

The system is equipped with one Suction and two Return hoses the oil from the differential is pumped and heated through the filter pack and returns back into both final drives not only cleaning the oil but also flushing as much residual contamination as is possible from within the components.


  1. Connect the suction and return hoses to the relative
  2. Connect to power and commence filtration process.
    Filtration Time – For a typical 240 ton class differential
    and final drive compartment off 900 – 1000 L, using
    SAE 60W oil held at approx. 60°C, allow 9.0 – 11.0
    filtration time.


  • Isolation Switch (to isolate unit when servicing)
  • Start and EMERGENCY STOP Switches (These switches are provided for the routine starting and stopping of the system)
  • Heater (The heater is designed to heat the oil to help it become more viscous to maintain optimum housing pressure and therefore oil flow)
  • Temperature Controller (automatically controls the oil temperature via the inbuilt temperature probe)
  • Variable Drive Control System (This monitors element housing pressure and controls the pump speed to maintain element housing oil pressure at the optimum value. This enhances oil flow whilst protecting the condition of the filter elements)
  • Hour Run Meter (The hour run meter indicates the total hours of operation to date)
  • Element Change Light (Will indicate that the filter elements require servicing)
  • Pressure Gauge (For a visual display of the oil pressure in the filter element housings)
  • Live Oil Sample Point (provided on the pump outlet, before the filters – this location provides a representative sample of the oil condition in the compartment)

Additional information

Weight 620 kg
Dimensions 188 × 147 × 140 cm
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