FM71022 Mechanical Drive Filtration Unit

Designed specifically for use on mechanical drive trucks, the FM71022 is designed to provide ultimate flexibility and return on investment.



The system is configured to provide a choice of four operation modes:-

  1. Kidney loop filtration of oil whilst still in compartment. The compartment needs to still be warm to assist in keeping oil at the required temperature and viscosity during filtration.
  2. Evacuation and kidney loop filtration of oil in on-board holding tank. Particularly useful where the compartment has been allowed to cool. Also provides assurance that 99% of all oil is removed and subject to filtration process.
  3. Evacuation, kidney loop filtration and re-circulation. This mode creates a flushing and cycling process, passing oil through the filter system, back to the compartments and returning back to the filters. This process assists in removing any residual contaminants which did not leave the compartment at the initial evacuation.
  4. Filtration of new oil stock prior to use. Ensures new oil stock meets OEM cleanliness requirements prior to use.


For a typical 240 ton class diff and final drive compartment off 900 – 1000 L, using SAE 60W oil held at approx. 60°C, allow 9.0 – 11.0 filtration time. Can be manufactured to suit larger trucks.A heater is incorporated into the system to maintain the oil at the required temperature throughout the filtration process.


  • 800 litre tank (built to spec)
  • Three Phase Electric Motor.
  • Pressure driven variable drive.
  • 2 x 3600 watt heaters, one is built into the tank and the other is built underneath with automatic thermostat control.
  • Low level censor to switch heater off as oil is removed from the tank.
  • Light to indicate the elements are blocked.
  • Hose reels enable the oil to be returned through the final drives and back to the tanks.
  • Hose reels allow the unit to be used as a kidney unit, three way taps isolate the tank.
  • Isolation and Emergency Stop built in.


  • 24Volt control circuit.


  • 10 x FMO 4 Filter Housings.


  • Heavy Duty Frame Powder Coated with Silicon filled tyres.


  • 32 L/min


On-board Particle Counter allows the tracking of the Oils ISO Codes while filtering.

Additional information

Weight 880 kg
Dimensions 340 × 145 × 160 cm
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