FM71033 Electrical Drive Wheel Motor Filtration System

This mobile unit is designed for Electric Drive Wheel Motor Filtration.



Ever increasing payload capacity in off-highway haul trucks has lead to planetary gear reduction drive systems employing larger volumes of high viscosity oils. With the oil volume held in the gear compartment, as opposed to a separate tank or sump on earlier or smaller trucks, it is very difficult to circulate the oil at an effective flow rate.

The highly congested gear case restricts effective circulation of the oil and the large sections of gearing act as considerable “heat sinks” thereby all but cooling the oil faster than it can be heated during the filtering process.

As a result Filter Technology has found that it is critical to evacuate the oil into a holding tank where the oil can be heated and filtered at effective flow rates. This ensures that all of the oil passes through the elements rather than missing “dead zones” of oil at the back of the compartment.

This unit is designed for the large electric drive market. The unit is 20 LPM pressure driven variable drive, the tanks are 100 litre capacity.


3 step process initiated via operation of touch screen
control panel as follows:-

  1. Evacuation Mode – Compartment oils are evacuated
    into respective holding tanks in preparation for filtration
  2. Recirculate Oil Mode – Filtration process is fully
    automated to filter first one tank and then the other
  3. Return Mode – Oils are then returned to respective

Additional information

Dimensions 255 × 165 × 160 cm
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